The Freeware C/C++ Sourcecode Obfuscator!

Latest version: V1.06 (Date 2006-01-07)

What is COBF?

COBF (aka C-Obfuscator) is a program which manipulates C or C++ sourcefiles in a way that they aren't readable by human beings; but they remain compilable.

Why should I use COBF?

The benefit of COBF lies in the distribution of programs (freeware, shareware, commercial software etc.): The distribution as a executable binary is often too inflexible (especially for Unix or Windows NT, because it is normally not feasible to support all possible platforms); on the other side one might not give away the sourcecode (e. g. it looks poor [badly commented, Spaghetti code], or you just want to prevent plagiarism).

Here COBF can play an important role: It removes all comments and sourcecode formattings and renames all variable and function identifiers.

Where can I Obtain COBF?

Just click here: (This is a PKZIP/Winzip archive; it contains full documentation and sources (not obufscated ;--)) for Windows platforms and all kind of Unices; a binary for Windows is included.)

Questions / Bug reports: Just email me: